Best Group Play Mobile Games

Mobile gaming isn’t only something you do by yourself, despite the image many of us have of gamers sitting hunched over their tablets and smartphones. Between fast action dueling games, board game ports and traditional party games, there is a wide variety of games available that all center on having fun playing with a group of your friends. We have sorted through the garbage and narrowed our list down to the top apps for gaming with a group.

Dance Party (iOS; Free, in-app purchases)

Dance Party

Dance Party goes well beyond being a mere rhythm game. This is a genuine dancing game that is really fun to play with family and friends or as a party icebreaker. After some AirPlay screen mirroring is set up, players dance off through imitating on-screen dancer movements. An iPhone functions as a motion-sensing controller that resembles a Wiimote. For exercise, you can play on your own (an estimate of the number of calories you burn is recorded by the app), take turns with passing and playing, or link up as many as four iPhones to AirPlay TV in order to have a simultaneous dance off with your friends.
Bounden (iOS, Android; $2.99)


This dancing game capitalizes on the motion sensors on your smartphone to get you moving. The thing that makes Bounden so different is that it has been designed for partner play. Every dancer holds an end of their smartphone and tilts their device to move a sphere on-screen through a series of rings. Players twist their bodies, swing their arms, and pretty soon they are both dancing. This app features seven dances that the Dutch National Ballet designed, along with classical music created for the dancers.

Heads Up! (iOS, Android; $0.99, in-app purchases)

Heads Up

The Ellen DeGeneres show made this charades-style part game popular. Heads Up challenge players to try to guess as many different words as they can from themed deck of various charades cards based on the clues given to them by their friends. The guessing player holds their cell phone to their forehead. The screen displays the word they need to guess. There are themed decks of animals, movies, celebrities and more. Players can also create custom decks by making in-app purchases at the cost of $0.999 for each deck.

Reverse Charades (iOS, Android; Free, in-app purchases)

Reverse Charades

Instead of one person acting out a charade for a group, the formula is flipped around with Reverse Charades. One individual guesses the word as the rest of group acts the scene out. Settings can be configured by players in terms of the amount of time per round, number of teams that play and number of passes made. Although it is a free app, only small samples are offered from the themed decks that you can purchase individually or as a premium upgrade which unlocks all current theme decks as well as any future releases.

Party Doodles (iOS; Free, in-app purchases)

Party Doodles

This is another fantastic party game app. It uses a tablet touch screen instead of paper pads or chalkboards. Players form teams. Then they take turns to guess works based on doodles made by their friends. Apple TV is supported by Party Doodles, which makes it possible for players to beam the drawings they have made right to the big screen, which makes things easier for all of the players. There is tons of free content that comes with the app. Additional theme decks are also available as in-app purchases for those wanting more.

PixWords (iOS and Android and iOS; Free)


This is an incredibly interesting and new word challenge. It is available in 22 different languages. Every word is a separate crossword puzzle that is hidden inside a picture. Will you be able to solve all of the words?

Once you solve one word, another letter is opened up, until the whole puzzle is eventually unraveled.
You can find pixword cheats in English or in other languages like Răspunsuri PixWords, this way you always win.

Evil Apples (iOS; Free, in-app purchases)

Evil Apples

This mobile party game has obviously drawn a lot of inspiration from the famous Cards Against Humanity game. This is a clever icebreaker game where players are challenged to fill in the blanks using the weirdest, funniest or outrageous statements possible. On each round, one player is the judges and reads the question on the card. The other players choose one of the answer cards. The fun then begins. A point is awarded by the judge. The first player with 7 points is the winner. The base version of the game, and there are additional card packs for sale as in-app purchases.

Are You Playing One Of These Games Right Now?

Before we move onto the subject of all the great games on this list, let me take a moment and address a serious issue. Candy Crush is not on the list! While it is a great game and I play it regulalry, I assume everyone already knows about it and has played it. Heck, there was even a Geico commercial revolving around it…so it is pretty mainstream.

Candy Crush has done one thing in particular, it has opened up a huge appetite for puzzle games. So I wanted to take a few minutes and look at other games you might enjoy

If you want to get your grey matter pumping take a look at five of the best games that are currently available for Android and iOS with a few making an appearance on Windows phones.

Triple Town
iOS / Android


This is perhaps one of the oldest games on the list, but I still consider it to offer some of the greatest puzzles and challenges around. Your goal in Triple Town is to create a town by matching up houses and trees and making larger versions. This is in my oppinion on of the most addicitve games that offers very unagressive in-app purchases.

iOS / Android / Windows Phone


Threes! strives as being a simple yet addictive game. All that is required is slide numbered cards into each other and add up a high score. You keep going as long as you can before the board is filled up. This is just as addicting as Triple Town and you will have a hard tome stopping. What I like about this one is the math elements that are thrown in to make you feel as though you are learning!

iOS / Android


One thing I was wanting people to remember about playing puzzle games is that there is more to life than just swapping colors. Framed is one of those examples! This ingenious game lets you switch comic strip panels to progress to the next level. In addition, the soundtrack to this game is infectious and will have you tapping your toes.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon
iOS / Android

Spider Rite of the Shrouded Moon

This incredible game is the sequel to the just as popular Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. This game is similar to its predecessor as you explore a mansion and solve the puzzles that you encounter. While the puzzles in this game are fun, it is the storyline that is goingot get you wrapped up and wanting to continue playing.

iOS / Android


If you are tired of all the old and worn out word puzzle games that are available you will want to take a shot at PixWords. This one is a little hard to explain, but each word is a crossword puzzle that is hidden in a picture. Your goal is to solve all the words. There are different languages for this game. And you also can help your self with hint you can find on the internet like this example: . Once you have solved one word another letter will open up for you until the entire puzzle has been unraveled.

The Best 5 Free Android Games

Do you own a new android device and looking for android games you could play with it? Or are you looking for a new and cheap way to kill time? Well, you are in luck because this article is for you. Below we have mentioned some of the best games that could be supported by both big and small Android devices. Some of them are free, whereas others are available at an affordable price.

NOTE: Just about all of these gaming apps come with an in-app purchasing of some kind or another. Well, the truth is that many of you are willing to pay for a good quality Android game but some of these games are free. In this article, we will only mention Android games that will only offer few levels of game play buy to get the rest; you have to upgrade it by paying for the game. Therefore, if you are looking for a completely free game, then this article is not for you; the game developer has to eat.

Below are the Android games you should consider getting. At the same time, do not be afraid to share your experience with any of the games below.

1. Dots


Dots is an addictive game, light and casual, where players have to link up dots of the same color as fast as they could. At the same time, you have limited moves to use for the matchups. You will receive a bonus for tracing closed loops as well as you could spend the bonus on renewable power ups. The game offers or has the ability to support local multiple player mode if you want to see how your friends will fair in the game.

Indeed Dots is a fun android to give it a try, which is sharply designed and highly acceptable. Download this game today for free.

2. Dungeon Hunter 4


This Android game is a fast paced action RPG, which plays like butter. The player slash and hack their way through an extensive campaign, gear, loot gathering, Leveling up their abilities and finally taking their fights online through multiplayer (both competitively and co-operatively). This game offers the ability to buy a premium currency which allows one to pick up the swankiest gears.

This game brings some of the best actions game more than what is available out there. This game is available for download for free.

3. The Galaxy On Fire 2


This is another great action game for Android. It is sci-fi game, which a player has to blast through a beautifully rendered universe. The game does offer various quests such as hunting down pirates, mining, and much more. The game offers pliantly trading to do, giving you the ability to upgrade your ship and guns. Remember, for this to be possible, you have to collect riches to get buy the best guns and ships. The game does offer a rich storyline to enjoy.

This game is a rich, exciting and wide open sci-fi Android game. This game is available for download for free.

4. Plague Inc.


This game is based on a rather dark global virus simulation game. The player gently guides a disease from a modest cough to the deadliest and worldwide pandemics. Players have to identify symptoms, mode of transmission and resistances. The more the player plays this game, the more they unlock new diseases with its own unique. World events will randomly pop up, forcing the player to constantly change the evolution path. This game comes with an in-app purchasing systems, of which you could use to get rid of ads and add a fast forward option, shortcuts and other new types of diseases.

This game is not only addictive but also teaches. This game is available to be downloaded now for free.

5. Plants Vs. Zombies 2


The plants Vs. zombies android game is a venerable mobile franchise for a reason. It offers a lot of benefits and it is very addictive. There is a lot of tactical thinking one has to do before the attack begins. In this game, you are taken back in time to defend plants against zombies. The more you continue to play the game, the more smarter the zombies continue to be. This challenges your reaction, speed and attack in many ways. The good news is that plant foods could be collected to super charge any plant you are using and gesture based special abilities to make your work easier.

This game is not only fun, exciting and addictive, but is offers a colorful package. You can download this game now for free.

Full Review Of Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode remembers the past as it tells a story for the next generation.

This incredible adventure is an episodic adventure series from Telltale Games featuring the popular sandbox game Minecraft from Mojang. It is actually incredible to think about it, but Minecraft has never had any story or plot to it, it was all about using your own imagination and creativity. Telltale changes all of that by putting the narrative first. I have to admit I was never much of a Minecraft player before trying out Story Mode, but I got wrapped up into this story quite quickly.


Jesse – Can Be Played As A Male Or Female

Unlike some of the other Telltale games that are currently available, Minecraft Story Mode is much more family oriented with plenty of action and humor throughout the game. In fact, while playing this game I felt like I was transported back into some of my favorite films from the 80’s. There is the adventure of The Goonies, The us vs them of The Breakfast Club, and that coming of age feeling from Stand By Me. Speaking of movies you will not want to miss the Lord of the Rings tribute during the opening episode “The Order of the Stone”. Here you will see some ordinary people getting involved in events far out of their reach and ending with the “Breaking of the Fellowship” at the end.

For individuals who are not too familiar with Minecraft, I thought it was an incredible way to open up Story Mode. Story Mode is a kid-friendly game but understands that kids are not dumb and features topics such as growing older, historical cover-ups, and bullying.

The parties leader is Jessie, who can be either a male or female depending on your choice. Jessie is surrounded by a group of unique individuals who are determined to topple the champions at the Edercon convention for Minecraft including Olivia, Axel, and Reuben the pig.

During the Endercon convention, a Wither is unleashed that is determined to consume everything that exists in this universe. Jessie realizes that in order to stop the Wither she needs the assistance of the Order of the Stone, four fabled heroes. The story begins with this unique group beginning their adventure.

Minecraft: Story Mode is a family-friendly game and thus there are few major surprises and the plot can be easily detected. Many of Telltale’s games feature surprise deaths, you will not find that in Story Mode. Instead, the game utilizes foreshadowing, visual cues, and outright dialogue to show your path in the game.

Most individuals will not mind the genre tropes as the development in plot and character will keep you interested. During the two hour runtime of “The Order of the Stone”, you really get to know the characters that spend time with Jesse. You will begin to care about those characters and their welfare in the story.

While this can be an enjoyable game there are times when gameplay can be rather frustrating, especially when you are not just selecting the dialogue prompts, and this is true in just about any of Telltale’s games. There are a few times in this game when you are required to use timing-based combat in the game and it is a nightmare as the controls are just too sluggish, it can be enough for one to temporarily leave the game.

Minecraft Story Mode ep 1 tall screen 1

One of the implementations in Telltale’s new game is the fact that this features a simplified version of the traditional recipe-based crafting system that we all know and love from Minecraft. It is very easy to understand and pick up and it ties in very nicely to the story. Crafting can function as its own instance of player choice

While there are areas of the game that play very much like the original base game it looks very much like it. While the characters move about this game with a little more grace than their predecessors they emote through facial animations. This enables both fans of the original Minecraft and Telltale games to enjoy the new Story Mode feel. Even with giant pixels you will appreciate the true beauty of Minecraft creations as you visit the imposing structure later in the episode.

You are also going to appreciate the incredible audio that is included in Story Mode. The voice cast includes Patton Oswalt as Jesse and Ashley Johnson as Petra, bringing this game to new heights. However, it is Paul Reubens who brings in an award winning performance as Ivor and brings the enjoyment level of this game to new heights.

Final Summary

Story Mode Brings Together The Best Of Minecraft and Telltale Games Together For The First Time

Minecraft Story Mode keeps what works and what doesn’t work in Telltale Games, namely storytelling and combat, respectively. Regardless of some of the downfalls it is still an impressive game. I have to admit I was uncertain how Telltale would be able to create a viable story from the Minecraft universe, especially to those who were not fans of Minecraft. Yet, it does an incredible job of bringing an exciting story to fans and nonfans alike.